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Our Vision


McCoy Petroleum Corporation is an "Oil and Gas Exploration, Production, and Acquisition Company".  Exploration efforts generated by the company for more than 50 years have consistently proven successful.  The strong geological, geophysical, and engineering background of management is one of MPC's strongest assets, and will positively impact the future growth and economic success of the company and its investors.  MPC will seek to manage risk with a balanced portfolio of exploration and development projects.


MPC continues to establish new production through its exploration efforts.  While exploration and development will remain the cornerstone of MPC's future success, MPC also seeks exploration and exploitation opportunities through mergers, and the acquisition of producing properties.

MPC will continue to execute its strategies by seeking out, forming, and maintaining alliances and relationships with "like minded" individuals and organizations. 


MPC's success has ultimately hinged on its ability to develop and maintain long-term relationships with industry peers, individual and institutional investors, and service providers.

Utilizing its creative ability, MPC will continue to be a leader in identifying and exploiting niche plays, rather than waiting to follow the pack to the next "hot play".  This strategy has allowed MPC to maintain very low reserve replacement cost relative to its peers.

Management believes these strategies and maintaining a "right sized" organization will allow MPC to maintain its ability to continue to have a competitive advantage in the arenas it chooses to play.

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